Why does steak go well with red wine? What are the best ways to cook meat?

Ever wondered why steak tastes so good when paired with a red wine? Well, the answer is quite simple; red wine goes well with red meat because red wine is made from grapes which contain a substance known as tannin, which tends to cause dryness in the mouth, which makes a perfect accompaniment for the fatty part of the steak. The fatty part is known to contain most of the flavor, this combination leads to a burst of flavor in your mouth. I’m sure you’d want to give this a try soon; you can get red wines from online stores like Wine Insiders.

What are the best ways to cook meat?

Of course for your meat to taste well with your wine, it has to be properly cooked, and what are some of the best ways to cook your meat to release maximum flavor, alternatively, you can order already cooked meat from available outlets like Steaks and Game.


Grilling is a cooking technique that uses either charcoal or powered flame source to cook. Grilling is usually slow and takes a lot of time compared to gas cookers. Grilling gives the meat a nice smoky flavor that you’d love, however, it’s more stressful to use charcoal grills because you constantly have to add coals to the grill to keep the fire going, which is why people opt for the gas-powered grill.


Stewing involves cooking meat chopped into smaller bits with slow, moist heat. You can get stew beef at a supermarket, that’s beef that’s already been cut up and ready to be stewed, you can also get your beef chunk and cut it into your desired size. Stewing is done with a reasonable amount of liquid.


Barbecuing is similar to grilling, the difference being that barbecuing is done with low heat and wood smoke. Barbecuing takes as long as eight hours or even more, as the meat is cooked slowly. This technique doesn’t allow the use of moisture as the meat is cooked dry. Both barbecuing and grilling are done outdoors.


A broil can be described as an upside-down grill. Best is cooked at high temperature, however, in this case, the meat is not placed over the fire but underneath it. It’s advisable to marinate your beef before broiling or brush with oil while you broil, as this technique tends to dry out the meat. However, unlike grilling, broiling is done indoors.


Roasting involves cooking with dry heat, usually combining both high and low temperatures. The meat is first cooked at a low temperature until its properly cooked and soft, then it is cooked at a high temperature to make the skin crispy.


Braising is a moist cooking technique, where meat is cooked at low temperatures and cooked for a long time. Braising begins with cooking your beef cut in a hot skillet to brown, before being transferred to a pot with a small quantity of liquid which could be a beef stock or broth.

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