Weigth Loss Help from a Sibling

I’ve really got to thank my sister for telling me about the Alli diet pill. If it wasn’t for her, I would still be walking around with an extra 100 pounds on my body. I’ve been trying to get slimmer for a while, but after going through the traditional diet and exercise plans, I would only have so much progress. At some point, I would always plateau and then go back into gaining weight and eating foods that helped me put on fat. It was a never ending cycle that seemed so hopeless. Then my sister stepped in with the pill and the cycle was broken.

My sister first experimented with the pill on herself to lose 50 pounds and told me how great it was. Seeing that it worked so well for her made me want to try it for myself. Once I started taking the pill, my body started to go through a positive change. Not only was I losing weight, but I had less of an appetite for unhealthy foods. All of the sugary and fatty foods that I used to desire were no longer on my mind. I also had more energy during the day. Normally I would start to feel run down once the midday hit and I would get a sugary snack to give me a boost, but on the pill, I didn’t need that.

With less weight on body and more energy, I have a more active lifestyle than before. I know go for walks around my neighborhood just to exercise and get some fresh air. It’s more relaxing than trying to sit in a gym and grind away on a treadmill or exercise bike. Since I’m still taking the pill, I’m losing more weight. I plan to get down to 200 pounds before the new year.

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