Tired of Mountaineering? Some Activities That Can Be Alternative – Canyoning is One of The Best Alternatives

Tired of going up the mountain? You can look for other adventure activities that are also no less exciting than mountain climbing. Curious? There are other adventure activities you can do instead. The canyoning Soca is mostly recommended.


Rafting can also be a substitute for climbing mountains. Don’t be afraid of rafting if you can’t swim; a life vest will be provided. But it can be crowded. If you want to be alone it is betterto rent a canoe or kayak.

Rafting with friends will strengthen your friendship. The idea is that you and your friends will experience fighting together so that the boat will go ahead and will have tobalance it when it goes through the rapids. But, usually, at some point, the skipper will turn the boat over so that everyone can feel the sensation of splashing on the river.

Canyoning Soca

Just like rafting, canyoning Soca also takes place along the Soca River. The difference is that canyoning Soca activities are usually in smaller parts of the river that have waterfalls or natural slides.  You can also jump from the great Kozjak waterfall.

You will also need a rope during the canyoning Soca. So, the ability of a Single Rope Technique (SRT) is needed when canyoning Soca. At a minimum, you should be able to install harnesses, figure 8, and carabiners, and can start rappelling. But, this canyoning Soca sport is dangerous: it can make you addicted! Well, this canyoning Soca is the best alternative activity besides mountaineering.


The Cycling can also be an alternative adventure toclimbing the mountain. You can be cycling around the city, between cities, or even downhill. If you are afraid of being alone, you can find friends by joining bicycle communities. They will not hesitant to travel long distances, whether cross-city, provincial, or cross-country.

Road trip

Road trips riding a motorbike or driving a car can also be an alternative if you can’t channel your hobbies up the mountain anymore. Invite some friends, find a path that is roughly interesting, fill up the fuel and start your adventure.

Traveling with a private vehicle gives you the freedom to control your journey. You are free to decide where to go that day and where you want to stay that night. Time is in your control! Guaranteed, after doing a road trip you will bring home valuable experiences that may not be owned by others.

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