She Lost Her House Keys

My mom took care of me for the first 20 years or so of my life, and I have been taking care of her for the second 20 years of my life. She became widowed when my dad succumbed to cancer when I turned 23 years old, and she has been quite independent ever since. I do help her with maintenance issues at her home and with her car, and she continues to feed me my favorite foods. It’s a great deal! I had to contact a locksmith in Brisbane 24 hours a few weeks ago when she called me crying.

My mom rarely cries, so I was scared at first. She told me that she had lost her keys at the store, and she had no way of getting back into her house without me coming over with my key. I had no problem doing that, but I was also concerned. If someone had seen her drop her keys, it was entirely possible that they could have followed her to see where she lives too. I did not want to frighten my mom, but this was something that we had to deal with.

She agreed that we probably needed to contact a locksmith to change the locks. I didn’t figure she would have an issue with us doing that, because she is all about safety too. It did not take long for the locksmith to come out, look at the locks and give us an estimate for replacing two of them. She has a garage door also, but the key for that was not part of the keys that she had lost. The locksmith replaced the two locks, and everything was back to normal within a couple of hours. I helped my mom, and she rewarded me by having me stay for a roast beef dinner!

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