My Sales Team Does Me Proud

I was promoted to a leadership position, and I knew that I needed to hit the ground running. I was promoted because I am good at my job, but I was not able to say the same about the team I had just left. While they were definitely adequate, they were not superb. The numbers speak volumes when it comes to sales, which is why mine was much higher than anyone else’s. I knew that my elevated sales numbers was because of the sales training seminar I had taken part of in my own time last year.

I wanted to climb the ladder, and I knew the best way to do that was by educating myself on my shortcomings. See, my numbers were about the same as the others a year ago. But after taking a sales training seminar that lasted for three days, I knew that I was going to outpace my teammates because I had learned so much. It did not take very long for my superiors to notice that I was moving away from the others as far as increased sales were concerned, and that is how I got my promotion.

I was now in charge of getting others to have similar numbers to mine, and that is why I booked a sales seminar with the same sales training company that I attended last year. I knew the sales team would benefit from learning about negotiations, projections, and predicting the needs of our customers based on their history with us. The team learned this and so much more, and I did as well. I went with them because I knew that things could have changed in the year since I attended, and I did get more out of it because of this. My sales team is now leading in this region, and I could not be more proud of them.

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