Lashes That Are Naturally Longer

I started using Careprost a couple of months ago, and I love it. Before that, I would use fake eye lashes and make up to give my lashes a longer look, but I didn’t like it. Having to remove the makeup all the time was too tedious and sometimes the glue would come off when using fake lashes and I would lose the lashes. Walking around with a missing eye lash is probably one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me. Now my eye lashes just grow longer on their own and I don’t have to put anything on them.

Since my lashes are growing in longer and thicker, people are assuming that I’m still using fake lashes and makeup, and they always have a puzzled look on their faces when I tell them that it’s my real lashes. I’ve had the same conversation probably over hundreds of times. I even put a post on my social media pages telling everyone that my lashes are natural and how I got them to grow so long, but I still run into people who have questions about my lashes. I guess it’s something that will always happen.

I’ve saved a bit of money by not having to spend money on fake lashes. Given how often I would lose my fake lashes, I would spend a lot of money on them, and I would get angry every time one would fall off and I couldn’t find it. I’ve put the money into buying some new clothes. There have been some pretty good sales lately at the local stores and I’ve been going up and down the racks, trying everything on and picking something that will be perfect for my wardrobe. I got a really good deal on some dresses and hats.

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