Keep on Eating Your Carrots

My mom used to tell me that I had to eat my carrots when I was a kid because it was good for my eyes. I did not understand why she would say that it was good to eat carrots. When I got older and went into school I learned that the carrot was full of Vitamin K and that is good for the eyes along with things like Careprost eye drops. I knew that there had to be some truth behind the saying because there is actually a lot of fun ways that people have come up with the origins of the sayings that we say today in everyday conversations. I knew that there had to be a few web sites that talked about the origins of the sayings of classic American phrases. I wanted to make sure that I understood what I was saying when I spoke in slang and it would be cool to bring up random trivia when I heard people say some of the sayings that I knew the origins of.

There are a lot of people that say weird things from regions across the country that not everyone around the country says. One common thing that is always caled something different is soda. It is called soda in certain places and pop in others. In the Northeast people refer to all soda as Coke. When you go into a place to eat and they ask you what you want to drink many people will say a Coke but mean that they will drink whatever they have, even if it is Pepsi products. I do not drink soda so I do not have a preference but I think it is funny that in the same country soda is called different things by different people according to where they live.

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