Doing Something About My Thin Eyelashes

My eyelashes were the same as my great-grandmother’s. She would put on fake eyelashes every time she went out anywhere, even to the grocery store. Women of her era would dress up to walk outside to get the mail at the end of the driveway. Granny never liked her thin and short eyelashes. My sister has full and lush eyelashes that look so long and thick that she is accused, at times, of having fake ones. I got the other family genes and have thin ones. I heard about Careprost, and figured I would give it a try.

I asked my doctor if it would be okay to try. He said to make sure that I always use a brand new sterile applicator and to keep in mind that it was designed as a glaucoma medication. In applying it, you want to keep it on your eyelashes as much as possible. I recommend you get your Careprost from a reliable source as you only want to apply things close to your eyes that are sterile. I do not even reuse eye makeup applicators if they touched a surface where germs could be picked up on them. It is a good idea to practice good hygiene when you are doing anything near your eyes.

It takes some time, but many will see an increase in the length and thickness of their eyelashes. What was just a side effect of a glaucoma eye drop turns out to be beneficial for us ladies who want fuller longer eyelashes. I suppose it is like that hair stuff for men that was a blood pressure medication that turned out to have a side effect of growing scalp hair. It is amazing how things work. Who would have thought about this stuff? I’m just glad that it works. No more thin eyelashes!

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